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Come with Me

  Last August, a live video of children's author Holly McGhee and illustrator Pascal Lemaitre showed the collaboration of the story Come With Me. In this sweet picture book, a little girl finds that, through T.V. or media, the world can be a place of hate and sadness. Instead of running away, the little girl enlists the help of… Continue reading Come with Me

Children's Books, Children's Illustrations

Away ~written by Emil Sher

Before I met my now husband, I was a single, working mother to a proud, precocious little girl. Recently, I confessed to her how I wished I had been able to spend more time with her, before school, after school, on weekends when I was catching up with laundry, busy work, or socializing. In the… Continue reading Away ~written by Emil Sher

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A Vintage Find: Discovering Illustrator, Janet LaSalle

There is an antique market just a ten-minute-around-the-corner walk from where I live. The Antiques of Winfield is a 6000 sq. ft, three-story building with over 55 booths of rare vintage toys, refurbished antique furniture, real and divine characteristic genre clothing, lapel pins, and of course, invisibly-stained books. The first book I ever bought at A of… Continue reading A Vintage Find: Discovering Illustrator, Janet LaSalle